Project Branch & Merge

If you are going to develop new features, build tailored versions for your customers, etc. you would probably not branch a single file. Performing Branch on a specified project is a much better choice. Merge independent projects would be involved in succession. (If this is a frequently used operation, please make sure that the version control tool you are going to use supports the feature.)

Compared to File Merge, more elements should be taken care of in Project Merge:

  • Modified files.
  • Deleted files.
  • Newly added files.

version control project merge

An easier way to manage these is to take advantage of the conflict detection mechanism and the Diff/Merge tool provided by a source control tool. To help you understand how a version control system resolves conflicts and pushes the changes to the destination, I take SCM Anywhere Standalone as an example.

1. Choose the source and target projects and get started to merge.
2. Conflicts will be detected to be resolved.
3. If a file was deleted or purged from the source branched, you will be asked whether to leave the file in the target.

version control resolve deletion conflict

4. For file content conflict, several options are provided, including Auto Merge, Merge in merge tool, etc. Let’s choose the second option.

version control file content conflict

5. Content differences between the files will be displayed in MergeHero. If you are not pretty sure how to merge a single file, you can read my another article: File Branch & Merge

If you want to learn more about this command, please feel free to let me know.

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