1.4.2 Basic Terminology: Repository

Repository and working folder are the fundamental terminologies in a client/server architected version control system.

To manage a complex project which needs team collaboration, we can keep all the source data in a data storage center where every developer can access.

The central storage is called Repository.

We may have multiple repositories set up on one version control server. In many cases, we put different independent projects in different repositories for ease of management. For example, in SourceAnywhere Hosted, system admin can set up one repository for each of his projects. And then he can manage user access rights for each project/repository.

Set up Repositories in SourceAnywhere Hosted Server Manager

A version control system is much more than a central store of data. It has the ability to track all the changes ever made to the files in the repository.

  • How to organize repositories

Modern version control systems support multi repositories. So, when we want a new project to be under version control, should we add it to the current repository or a new clean repository? Usually, it depends on the correlation between the new and current projects. If the two projects have some files in common, such as a sharing library or two branches (editions) of some files, we’d better put two projects within one repository. Otherwise, it might be wiser to keep the projects apart for easier separate management.

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